A VOID Coming To The Sunflower Lounge

Wednesday February 12th – 7:30pm to 11pm

A VOID – © Wildblanket Photography

Indie Midlands Presents A Void + Special Guests


Hailing from both Paris and London, A VOID are responsible for buzz-saw grunge pop that combines bitter grit and a self-effacing lyrical charm which results in some of the best alt. rock that you’re likely to hear. Vocalist, Camille Alexander possesses riot grrrl charisma that frankly surpasses any kind of categorisation when taken in tandem with her nakedly personal lyrics, giving their ever-accessible songs a perennially dark heart.


EXHALER is a three-headed apeoid gestating in the cosmic womb; an art-rock experiment from the Midlands of nowhere; a spangled conglomerate of puss and goo dancing through the Void.

It exudes glistening melodies, lurching riffs and laments to being lost in space. Brandon Robinson’s guitar work creates heavy walls of fuzz, phasing seas that float, and solos of sporadic exuberance. Gliding atop this, Liv Barlow’s vocals undulate between indifference and reverence. Underneath, Fred Ensor’s drums provide a spasmodic heartbeat of accented rhythms and erratic flourishes.

Having jammed with each other in some form or another since in year seven, some nine years ago, Exhailer’s work is deeply rooted in their close friendship and their need to express themselves authentically. Their sound was forged in a million escaped school lunch-times, spent hiding in the music rooms, immersing themselves in vast and varied inspirations; from the neo-psychedelia of Wand, Pond and Post-animal, to the doom of the Melvins, the crunch of Queens of the Stone Age and the edged alt-rock of Pixies and the Wytches.

Independent and strictly DIY, the trio do everything – writing, recording, mixing, mastering, releasing – themselves. After a long period of preparation and planning, they are ready to excrete all their angular treats, to regurgitate a soup of psychedelia, and vomit their bilious fuzz-rock sludge.


Brand new four-piece band hailing from Stourbridge take influence from bands such as Sonic Youth and Movements.

Spit have already created a buzz locally through their live shows but expect a release soon!

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