Alexandria Maillot – Messed It Up

Alexandria Maillot

Swoon alt-rock artist Alexandria Maillot is back with the release of her latest single ‘Messed it Up.’ The singer-songwriter from Vancouver announced that this track is going to be the first single from her sophomore record ‘Benevolence’ set to be released in autumn of this year.

At first listen, if you are familiar with Maillot’s previous tracks, it is instantly recognisable. With her distinctive, gritted vocals and strong guitar coupled with a heavy beat, all combine to produce an original sound of her own – the likes of Stevie Nicks, and Feist come to mind, all of who Alexandria has said to take influence from.

With a strong lyrical narrative, ‘Messed it Up’ is one that reveals a very personal battle – it portrays the idea of yearning for something more and losing your sense of direction; it rekindles those feelings of frustration, anger and of course the bittersweet thing, hindsight. This track is all about messing it up and wishing you hadn’t. We’ve all been there and that’s what Maillot makes you realise with this song; it holds a sense of familiarity and pure honesty. Whilst also being a successful song as a whole both lyrically and instrumentally.

This release has been coupled with a rather fast paced, erratic music video, which is massively fitting and is beautifully representative of what this song represents emotion wise.

It appears ‘Messed it Up’ illustrates the tone for the rest of the upcoming record ‘Benevolence’ demonstrating the blurred lines between genres and sound but in the best way possible. Can’t wait to hear more from Alexandria Maillot.

Ellie-Mae Fenn

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