Art Brut Coming To Hare & Hounds

Friday February 15th – 7pm to 10pm

Art Brut

The band was formed in 2003, after Eddie Argos met guitarist Chris Chinchilla at an afterparty hosted by London indie rock band Ciccone in 2002. Argos also invited Ian Catskilkin, whom he knew from the Bournemouth music scene, to join on guitars. They were joined by Freddy Feedback on bass guitar and Mikey Breyer on drums. The band played their first gig in May 2003.
The band recorded Brutlegs later in 2003, produced by Keith Top of the Pops, containing the first versions of “Formed a Band”, “Modern Art” and “Moving to LA” and made it available.

Angular Recording Corporation put out a compilation featuring “Formed a Band”. NME journalist Anthony Thornton heard the song and sent an MP3 to Rough Trade, and the label offered Art Brut a deal to release it as a single.
On 13 September 2013 it was revealed that Breyer and Future had decided to leave the band, and that their replacements would be Charlie Layton and Toby MacFarlaine respectively.
After being busy with other creative projects for a few years – Ian Catskilkin playing with Future of The Left, and Eddie writing a memoir, spoken word show, comic book and musical – the band have written and recorded a new album called ‘Wham! Bang! Pow! Lets Rock Out!’ produced by acclaimed folk musician Jim Moray. It will be released via Alcopop! Records on Nov 23, 2019.

Support provided by Erotic Pets.

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