Aunty Social – Crack A Deal

Aunty Social, the project of Canadian musician Daniela Gitto, returns with new single ‘Crack A Deal’, another great slice of lo-fi bedroom pop.

Slowly paced, ‘Crack A Deal’ showcases Gitto’s strong and confident vocals perfectly. Both the keys and guitars have vital roles to play in shaping the music, and there is a funky bass line making for a perfect pop song.

Talking about the track Gitto had the following to say:

This song is a prayer to the 9 to 5 gods begging them to give me a break. All my circumstances prepared me for a conventional life except the actual desire. I worked a 9 to 5 office job getting good pay, did two years of college and did pretty well with only 1 year left to graduate, but instead, I dropped out and worked only to fund my music. It was hard balancing a job I hated just to fund my dream job. This song is how I expressed the conflicting thoughts that came along with it.”

Having reviewed her previous two singles, Aunty Social is fast becoming an Indie Midlands favourite. Hopefully good things are on the way for Daniela in 2020.

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