Aunty Social – Traveling Circus

Aunty Social, the project of Toronto’s Daniel Gitto, returns with another enjoyable lo-fi pop song in ‘Traveling Circus’.

‘Traveling Circus’ is the follow up to ‘Trying‘ and is a song about social anxiety. It’s a sweet bedroom pop number that has some cool effects and beats shaping the music. Gitto’s vocals are lowkey, yet pure, giving the track a very authentic feel. The melody of the song is catchy and will worm it’s way in to your head the more you listen.

Gitto had the following to say about the song: “The only way I could accurately depict social anxiety is by singing through stream of consciousness. I needed to show how illogical and self-hating these thoughts can be. The paradox is that the struggle is all internal and the outward effects can come off as obnoxious, overly-excited, weird etc, which brings more ammunition for the self-hatred. I call it my social overcompensation. Speaking too loudly to show enthusiasm, bulging my eyes too much to show an expression of interest, chugging my drink quicker to calm my scattered thoughts, unknowingly talking over someone because I don’t want the conversation to dwindle. I can go on, but This song is written for those who suffer silently, like myself.

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