BABii – HiiDE

Margate based artist BABii releases her debut album ‘HiiDE’ today on Deathwaltz Originals.

‘HiiDE’ is nine tracks of experimental electro-tinged dream-state pop. Album opener ‘SYMMETRii’ induces the somnambulant journey with BABii’s soft vocals floating effortlessly over an array of more earth-bound industrial beats. ‘CARNiiVORE’, one of four singles on ‘HiiDE’, sees BABii’s vocals lean more than a little toward an R&B style yet still retain that fragile softness as she laments falling in love with a carnivore.

‘Phantom’, another single release, adds an R&B feel to the music & vocal this time, the icy industrial undertone that runs throughout the album remains, however the dreaminess returns in vast cotton-wool clouds on next track ‘VOLCANO’.

‘SKiiN’ has an almost tribal atmosphere. The synths sound as if they are straining at the leash, eager to explode but they manage to restrain themselves and compliment the song. ‘STRAY’ has an almost childlike expression to the vocals blending a R&B vibe to the chorus. ‘FEAR’ is the more boundary pushing experimental track on the record merging cool beats, distortion and pulsing synths.

The final two tracks on ‘HiiDE’ are both previous single releases,. ‘POiiSON’ is soft and delicate and the most dream like track, ‘SEiiZURE’ is the most radio friendly, catchy and accessible. A fitting and perfect end to an album that ventures into different genres without ever nailing it’s mast to one. It is this effortless melding of styles and themes that gives measure of how much an exciting songwriter BABii truly is. Highly recommended.

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