BABii is an interesting young electropop and multimedia artist from Margate who creates an almost cartoonish style of music and persona. But beyond all the glitter and electro beats there is a very talented and captivating young performer.

New single POiiSON is a tantalising appetiser for her debut album HiiDE which drops on 5th July. BABii as you may have noticed has a penchant for spelling words with ii similar when Prince spelt you as u.

POiiSON has a soft dreamy feel and is a little slower that previous releases CARNiiVORE and SEiiZURE up until around the last minute of the song when it gets a bit more hectic. BABii herself explains about the song “POiiSON is about being in a toxic relationship but just ignoring the fact that is not good or not working. I also wanted it to sonically sound like the feeling of being poisoned.”

Mark Wakeman