BABii is an artist with many big things on the ever so near horizon, such as SXSW festival in the States as well as a debut LP by the end of the year. Because of this, it was safe to say that as I geared up for my first listen of her latest single, SEiiZURE, I was filled with anticipation. But the question is, how was I left feeling as the 4 minutes and 47 second track rolled by?…unfortunately, underwelmed.

This is due to a long song made even longer because of a lack of development and journey within the realms of production AND the songwriting. There isn’t really a bridge, and there isn’t really an ending or a climax, it just kinda fizzles out. This is however saved by the exquisite vocal take that is ever so hauntingly beautiful and executed in a similar style and manor to that of Izzy Bizu in the song “Mad Behaviour”. The vocals also sit exceptionally well on top of the gritty and industrial electronic backdrop which really places it within a unique pocket in a world where playlists now get curated based on moods instead of genres. For people who haven’t yet heard SEiiZURE by BABii, it would not sound out of place at the ending of a futuristic/love based episode on the show ‘Black Mirror’.

To summarise, this is a song and an artist with a clear vision of the path they are looking to explore, and the fundamentals are certainly there for me to keep an interest in the evolution of this project. However, I was left feeling that the development of the track did let it down therefore leaving me definitely waiting to see what happens with the song and the album by the time, they’ve had the time, to address these issues… 5/10

Marc Bradley

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