Barrie – Clovers

Brooklyn indie pop five-piece Barrie release their debut album ‘Happy To Be Here’ on May 3rd but before then they have released lead single ‘Clovers’ to give us a taste of what to expect.

If you’re a fan of dreampop then you are probably going to love ‘Clovers’. My initial thought upon hearing the song was that it’s like a cross between a couple of Canadian acts, TOPS and Men I Trust. There’s also a city in Ontario called Barrie but that has nothing to do with the band. And that’s where my Canadian links end. As I mentioned to start with this Barrie are from Brooklyn and the name comes from lead singer & songwriter Barrie Lindsay. The band started releasing music back in 2018 and if the rest of the tracks on the album are as good as ‘Clovers’ then lets be grateful they did!

‘Clovers’ has a sweet sunny vibe to it and whilst listening to it now during a very cold February night it’s got me longing for the days where it doesn’t get dark until around 9pm and you don’t need to wear 10 layers of clothing to keep warm. I think most places call that time Summer where as here in the UK it’s called “it’s raining but at least it’s not cold”.

Barrie have got a few UK shows in April, although sadly not in Birmingham. You can catch them on the following dates…

April 24th – Rough Trade – Bristol
April 26th – Moth Club – London
April 27th – YES – Manchester

You can pre-order Happy to Be Here here

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