Basement Revolver – Wax And Digital

Ontario based Basement Revolver let the ethereal wistfulness flow over six tracks of polished dream-pop. Chrisy Hurn’s vocal is unfussy and uncomplicated yet utterly compelling in its plaintive simplicity. On ‘Romantic At Heart’ Hurn barely sings more than a few notes throughout but manages to captivate with a honeyed tone and lucid charm. The repeated rolling melody in her voice is almost hypnotic.

‘Masters Degree’ adds a touch of care-free frivolity to the tuneful bass runs and jabs of fuzzy guitar. Hurn is at her most carefree and ebullient in her quiet and personal rebellion. ‘Have I Been Deceived’ and ‘What Are You Waiting For’ are Basement Revolver at their most pensive and melancholic. Mewing slide guitar adds an aching longing, and a slow waltz rhythm builds with tension and drama, respectively.

‘Concussion pt 2’ whips up a fast-paced electrifying indie-rock chorus. Noodling guitars over the other-worldly backing create the atmosphere elsewhere. Lead single from the E.P. ‘Wax and Digital’ positively crackles with uplifting and unfettered joy. Chiming keyboards provide extra sparkle and glitter whilst the scuzzy and effect-laden guitars soar with spirit and vitality.

Wax and Digital is released on October 18th. You can pre-order the digital E.P. here.