Bathe – Tarot Cards

‘Tarot Cards’ is the sophomore single from Bathe, the solo project of Atlanta musician Bailey Crone, and the follow up to one of Indie Midlands’ favourite songs of 2019 ‘The Silence’.

Where as ‘The Silence’ was more dream pop a la artists like Fazerdaze, ‘Tarot Card’ is more shoegaze in the realms of bands like My Bloody Valentine. It’s a reverb fueled track that is lush from beginning to end and continues to make Bathe one of the most exciting new artists to follow heading in to 2020.

Talking about the song Bathe had the following to say:

“‘Tarot Cards’ is a song where the lyrics, riffs, and all the tangible things in music come secondary to the mood. This song was created to capture a mood and a feeling best not described, but experienced.”

Having Synesthesia, Bathe encourages everyone to “hold still and get lost in the reverb, letting your mind surround you with waves of colour.”

I have big hopes for Bathe. You can read an interview she did with Indie Midlands recently here.

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