Beach Baby Coming To Hare & Hounds

Tuesday December 17th – 7:30pm to 10:30pm

Beach Baby

In 2016, Beach Baby released their acclaimed debut album, No Mind No Money. Wistfully documenting mid-20’s malaise, and splicing the post-punk stylings of 80’s indie with the dreamy organ sounds of Beach House, the record quickly joined the multi-million streaming club, enjoyed firm support from the likes of Lauren Laverne and Annie Mac, and resulted in extensive UK and US touring.

But by the start of 2017, things had…changed. There really was no money. And whilst the first album had been recorded over an intensive two-month period in a cushy East London studio, if Beach Baby wanted to make more music, they were going to have to do it differently. Galvanised by two promising new demos from co-vocalists and songwriters Ollie Pash and Lawrence Pumfrey, the band repaired to the ‘summerhouse’ (read, shed) at the bottom of drummer Shep Hodgson’s garden, and converted it into a makeshift studio. The ‘Beast from the East’ was just around the corner. It was cold.

Everyone was still working an inventory of crap jobs. But it was a start. And there was life in the old dog yet…
At the start of 2019, Lovin’ Feeling was the first song to emerge from this long and chilly period of hibernation. Remarkably self-assured, the song sees the band move towards a looser, groovier sound, inspired by 60’s and 70’s pop music. Featuring a deliriously catchy saxophone melody, a smattering of congas and some very funky wah-guitar, the song is a good entry point to Beach Baby’s forthcoming second record – Songs From the Limbo Lounge. Here, the band have created a whole new audio-visual world: the purgatorial hinterland of the Limbo Lounge — a place where romantic burnout, spiritual dereliction and existential sleaze reign supreme.

But if that sounds all a bit dour – don’t worry – Beach Baby’s new music might be characteristically melancholic, but it serves up the sad stuff with a wry smile, a soupcon of sleaze, and some serious sex appeal. Hell, you might even find yourself dancing. Ideally in a dagger-collared shirt, a pair of sunglasses, with a Sazerac in your hand.
It’s sad, but it’s also a good time.
It’s limbo, baby.

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