Blacktop Freak – nomore

‘nomore’ is a beautifully atmospheric track by Blacktop Freak, the project of Michigan artist Nick Marinelli.

Short, at just two minutes twenty seconds, ‘nomore’ still manages to pack in far more emotion than songs twice its length. The piano helps to create a sad sound amongst the guitar and bass and with just a ghostly vocal going on in the background the whole track in awash with melancholy.

“‘nomore’ is the culmination of a summer living in a self-induced alone state. Most prominently, the song is gazing back at a whole life spent living in the same place, and the realization that it is all coming to an end. This is not a negative feeling. This song is the throbbing heart of knowing that the time to move on from everything I have ever known is fast approaching.” – Blacktop Freak.

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