Boxtape – Bowhead

Horsham duo Kat Ward & Kieren Johnstone are collectively known as Boxtape and today they have released a beautiful song called ‘Bowhead’.

‘Bowhead’ is a lush atmospheric track, a combination of dream pop and folk that, in Boxtape’s own words “takes you on a journey about grief from the perspective of a little boy who loses his friend.” In the story the boy replaces his friend with an imaginary space whale named Bowhead. “Why in my mind, Without my friend, Bowhead and me, Sailing through the stars”

Not surprisingly there is a lot of melancholia in the song. Whilst the majority of the vocals are Ward’s the backing vocals of Johnstone add an extra layer that really elevates the track. It’s also the first song we”ve reviewed to my knowledge that contains a traditional Okinawan instrument called a Sanshin.

If you want some time to yourself to feel a little bit sad about things, then ‘Bowhead’ is definitely a song to be recommended.

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