Boy Bjorn – Always Searching

A wry look at our often compulsive need to be better than we are. Why do we need a constant source of back-slaps, trophies and approval? Whether that is part of the human condition or our modern malaise we are kinda stuck with it. Boy Bjorn are taking a much needed walk in a woodland glade to meditate on these taxing questions with ‘Always Searching’.

And what a fitting tune this is – Brian Holl’s double tracked harmony vocal is sung as if in a daydream. A panoply of gentle rhythms, lilting guitars and gossamer synths are the backdrop to this voyage of self discovery and musing on life. Sometimes (actually most times) there aren’t any easy answers but rather than disappearing down a rabbit-hole of despairing dirge you can pop this ditty on and let your pondering be an altogether more uplifting affair.

Terri Lee

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