Boy Harsher – LA

For Those Who Like – New Order, Electro 80s revival, Keluar, James Blake

High Tempo, dystopian, electronic underground beat is how I would describe The Massachusetts duo’s new single from their anticipated new album ‘Careful’ which will drop February 1st. With its synthesized, sweeping, melodic intro which is followed by a catchy underground instrumental beat, the constant eerie backing vocals mixed with a very anti-utopian rhythm just makes you want to dance. You’d probably hear it on a new quirky black mirror episode set in 1983.

Coming from a background of not listening to much electronic dance music as I tend to go for more rock and punk, I can truly see myself putting this on more. There’s something about the bands clear message of wanting to escape and flee to a place of freedom just makes me keep putting this song on repeat. It’s not just another electronic single, it has this dark side that creeps through, its like a 80s dance song mixed with a dark modern day spin . You’d be tricked into thinking it was Sinitta’s “So Macho” but thats just the clever use of the sample from a 80’s Fairlight IIX synthesizer.

With the release of this single, they also dropped a music video to accompany it which is getting a lot of attention, and rightly so, it really gives this song a deeper meaning of freedom, go check it out.

Ben Wilson

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