Bridal Party – Speak Easy

Art-pop quintet Bridal Party have been making music since 2015 finding modest success on college radio and through streaming media. The EP ‘Hot Daze’ was followed by a second, ‘Negative Space’ in 2017. Latest EP ‘Too Much’ is released August 23rd and contains the single ‘Speak Easy’.

If you want to trade-up from simple sugary pop to something a little more sophisticated yet understated then ‘Speak Easy’ is just the song for you. Bursting with oodles of charming musical phrases and cheeky rhythmic double-stops it’s all wrapped up in a panoply of soft vocal harmonies and delicate lead guitar.

The amiable lead vocal gently leads on a journey of radiant summer days full of carefree moments; the cool jazz undertones are the gentle breeze adding a touch of of playful nuance and impish sparkle. Take a break from the jarring thrash of rock or the shallowness of over-produced pop and drift off into the Bridal Party’s ‘Speak Easy’.

Terri Lee