Bryony Williams – Little Tree

A highly regarded performer at shows around the West Midlands, Bryony Williams now releases new track ‘Little Tree’. Keeping the original ‘single’ concept alive this is the A-Side to pair with last month’s contrasting ‘Silhouette’.

That was a dark, moody piece about the end of a relationship; the poignant verses resolving into a strong chorus line as the gathering storm of dissonant guitar and synths built, despite a deceptively playful guitar figure floating above and appearing to mark the passing of time.

Bryony raises the tempo for ‘Little Tree’ a song described as ‘….a reminder that everything is temporary, including your current self….’ That may be a downbeat concept to address, but nevertheless this is a life-affirming, celebratory folk-rock piece with layers of insistently rhythmic guitar, sparkling drums and a sensuous vocal performance that brings the lyric fully to life.

The words place the narrator and us in a continuing circle of eco-life ‘…as the Earth turns….’, ‘…..little tree springs forth from little seeds…’ and similar sentiments are thoughtfully described and subtly delivered, especially when the instrumentation slows and quietens during the chorus.

It is an excellent track, the richness and depth increasing with each listen.

Little Tree is released on GRRRL GROANNN on May 10th.

Mike Wright

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