Candid – Concrete Jungle

‘Concrete Jungle’ is the newest single by four-piece Coventry boys ‘Candid’.  

Candid’s new single follows their trend of upbeat, catchy indie rock permeated with dark lyrics and tense layering of percussion with crisp guitar riffs. ‘Concrete Jungle’ discusses a need to escape, but fighting both inner and outer demons; you want to leave but can’t and the impending force of “they”, and appears to be written about the Midland’s very own Coventry.

This is presented through a snappy indie rock tune, reminiscent of early Catfish and the Bottlemen, with prominent guitar riffs which are reflective of old-school Arctic Monkeys and even Birmingham’s own JAWS. Massively, this song gave me the impression that Van McCann had a baby with Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not.

Candid describe themselves as ‘brutal emotional honesty’ through a ‘soothing’ and ‘sharp’ lens. The single seems to exude something darker, with constant mentions of ‘them’ and ‘you’ as a powerless entity, but this swelling of tension is hidden away behind catchy ‘oohs’ and the seemingly upbeat vocals, which makes the combination even more lethal.

The drums overpower the vocals to an interlude, but in turn build up an impending sense of things rising; a water level, the tempo, the inevitable. Like a crashing wave, the twiddling of guitar returns and quickly, the crashing of the final chorus. This intensifying of percussion and tension throughout the track gives the claustrophobia of drowning in your decisions and the physical reality of being ‘trapped’ by your choices, fighting something beyond your control with lines like; “they just want to believe, there’s no way you’re getting out”.

Candid are playing at Sunflower Lounge tomorrow evening (June 29th), as well as upcoming local festival Sonic Gun Weekender.

Ella Morriss