Cate Von Csoke – Coyote Cry

Australian native, but New York based Cate Von Csoke has released a moody psych-rock single in new song ‘Coyote Cry’. The song is the first track released from Von Csoke’s upcoming debut album ‘Almoon’.

‘Coyote Cry’ is a slow paced track that swaggers with attitude. Picture a Western bar that is full of danger and there in one corner of the room is Von Csoke and band not giving a fuck as fists and chairs fly around them. Nonchalantly dismissing the chaos as being below them. They are too cool for such things.

Von Csoke’s vocals remind of a combination of Josefin Ohrn and Hope Sandoval. Very dreamy and alluring. You can just close your eyes and let them carry you away. There is just so much to like in this song. The guitars are great and the rhythm section holds everything together perfectly.

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