Cattle & Cane – I Wish I Knew Jesus (Like You Do)

Surely not the first brother & sister duo since Donny & Marie? What do you mean Donny & Marie who? The Osm….oh never mind. For those who do remember the overly-toothy icky-sweet pair from the 1970’s, be assured, Cattle & Cane bear no resemblance beyond the family ties.

The spacious crisp guitar echoing over a sparse drum-beat is pure late period Arctic Monkeys – deliciously moody and atmospheric. Brother Joe’s vocal is low and breathy bearing a hint of troubled-soul anguish; sister Helen’s vocal is a mellow ear-pleasing comfort-blanket of motherly reassurance.

As a further explanation of both the song and the vocal arrangement, Joe said, “We tried to capture a feeling of going beyond redemption with this song. It’s about a man who has lived his life, made mistakes, hurt people – including himself – and is essentially telling the people around him, ‘you don’t want to come near me – I’m bad news’.

“We’ve used Helen’s voice as a counterweight to the man’s pessimism and weariness. She’s more open to redemption, although she does bring an almost doomed hopefulness to the song… we all know this story will only end in disaster for everyone!”

Cattle & Cane play Hare & Hounds on October 30th. Tickets here.

Terri Lee