Chastity Belt – Elena

Seattle based Chastity Belt return with ‘Elena’ the second single released from their up-coming album, the simply self-titled, ‘Chastity Belt’, released 20th September.

The soft vocal intro sets the mood for this gem of a track. Quite a departure compared to many of the songs on 2017’s album, ‘I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone’, there is an appreciably maturing sound and greater depth. The layered vocals merge over more layered vocals; verses blend into choruses and vise-versa. Charmingly beguiling and equally mysterious you will find yourself captivated before you realise it, floating away on a stream of lush heavenly good vibes.

And just like a dream when you think have an angle on it, it slips away from your grasp. Simply sublime. More please.

Terri Lee

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