Chloe Lilac – Special

The summer may be gone but you can drift away in this piece of summery loveliness until it returns. Brooklyn’s Chloe Lilac approaches her heartache with a brave face and wry sense of humour in this beguiling and wistful slice of crafted bedroom pop. Her lyrics sparkle with acute observations and adroit playfulness. She warns of “the artistic types with womanizer eyes” and laments “all my friends go to art-school…I guess that makes me kinda cool. I feel like I’m drowning in a kiddie-pool…”

Chloe’s emotion is expressed in a wonderfully restrained vocal that seduces with a soft winsome charm. The buoyant “na na na na” chorus is that of a brave soul finding strength to walk away after accusing her former lover, “you think you’re so special”.

For anyone recovering from heartbreak ‘Special’ is, well, a little special itself.

Terri Lee