Chromatics – Move A Mountain

‘Move A Mountain’ is an unusual single to choose from the latest album ‘Closer To Grey’. Do people do nuanced subtlety any more? Is the wider music buying public above showy schmaltz and in-yer-face razzmatazz? Go on people, prove me wrong and delve into this beguiling and captivating little number. With nothing more than chords played on an electric piano, a few synth sounds and Ruth Radelet’s demure vocals ‘Move A Mountain’ is a return to the song production craft of light and shade. “I tried to build a castle, I think it’s made of sand” sings Ruth in a lilting surrender.

There’s something of the 60’s pop to this song, or rather the spirit of that time, meshed with the modern. It recalls 90’s band Saint Etiene and their love of the quirky but crafted singles from that era. The video is a wonderfully stylish period pastiche too.

Terri Lee