Chromatics – Time Rider

The latest offering from Synth-Pop 4-piece, Chromatics, is the mysterious and ethereal single Time Rider, a track which appears to bend the fabric of time and space with its angelic vocals and otherworldly synth lines. Lyrics containing metaphors of a inter-dimensional motorcycle bridging the gap between the past and the future make this the perfect song for driving at night.

Beginning with an understated but infectious drum-machine groove, the band quickly bring in a solid 4-to-the-floor kick drum rhythm, guaranteed to get heads bobbing and feet tapping. Reverb-soaked synthesisers float above a simple but catchy chorus, providing ghostly utterings with a dead-pan delivery, which is cohesive with the song’s almost robotic vibe. The band then kick it up a notch, allowing the soft pads to give way to more distorted synth riffs intersected with motorcycle sound effects, which gives the song enough variation to counter the gentle verses.

While this isn’t the long-awaited Dear Tommy, which has still not been released after its 2014 announcement, Time Rider is enough to leave fans licking their lips in anticipation of the full album.

Jake Brickley