Courtship. – Amy, Run For The Hills

Dreamy disco summertime with a Prince-like funk. The vocals float on like wispy clouds in a deep blue sky. The playful frenetic drums add an extra layer of depth and breadth to this charismatic chilled out tune.

Courtship. aren’t ruing the breakdown of a relationship  – no moping around the house and crying into your soup for them. Nope, they are giving and also taking their own advice: run for the hills – in other words, forget it all and get away from it all. The result is the very sound of soft-top motoring along the beach-front, kicking sand under your feet, and letting all your cares drift away across the ocean. The analog synth lead is the umbrella in the fizzy late afternoon cocktail adding flourish to the heady atmosphere.

Hmmm, pity I’m stuck in the Midlands isn’t it? Oh well, get the deckchair out of the shed, pop this tune on your phone and you’re halfway there.

Terri Lee