Cymbeline – Songs For Imogen

For people who like: The Stooges, Sonic Youth, The Pixies.

Cymbeline a Wolverhampton based  4-piece Garage rock band who share their name with Shakespearian works . Formed in the summer of 2017, they play original music inspired by artists such as The Stooges and Sonic Youth. IndieMidlands covered their ‘Since Last Tuesday’  single release in July and the band released their full debut EP ‘Songs for Imogen’ on December 7th, it is available now on Apple Music and Spotify.


Since Last Tuesday: Released in July 2018 Since Last Tuesday is probably the bands best known offering . It starts slow with a relatively generic  lead in before exploding into quick guitar riffs and the punky spoken style vocals that front man Aaron Hodgetts excels at throughout the album.  The catchy and repetitive chorus is bound to make this a crowd favourite at any live performance.

Simply a Man: The second is of a different tone to Since Last Tuesday, its lyrically stronger but seems to lack stylistic definition, starting out on a Madness/Our House ska vibe and moving through Bowie influences into Babyshambles /Libertines vibes. Despite the mish-mash of styles Simply a Man is a well made song that showcases the obvious abilities of the band and, I think, shows Cymbeline  can and will develop their sound in the future.

3069 : 3069 will appeal to fans of heavier rock and ‘screamo’, it is the rawest track on the album with Americana rock’n’roll undertones supporting with heavy drums and forceful vocals, which to be honest are at times hard to distinguish.

Can I Have a Chat?: The fourth and final track of the EP – and they saved the best for last!  Can I Have a Chat? feels slick and cool compared to 3069 but in my opinion that’s not a bad thing – It is a powerful, image laden song and there are still heavy ‘punk’ elements, the instrumentals spring to mind especially, but the vocals are also much stronger and the lyrical content is both easier to understand and to appreciate.

Outro: this is a seemingly unrelated acoustic recording – almost like hidden extras. it would be good to hear it developed into a song.

Overall Opinion –  Cymbeline’s  punky stage presence is translated into a similarly raw garage punk rock sounding EP in ‘Songs for Imogen’ that will win them a following for sure. The wide range of influences and styles brought to bear in the album showcase talented artists with a huge potential for growth and I look forward to a full album or second EP in which the lads streamline their sound.  7/10.

Jasmin Salmon

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