DAZE – Big

DAZE began recording in 2017 and the London quartet have now reached their fourth single ‘Big’, a follow-up to last year’s ‘Reformation’.

The new track is three minutes of sky-soaring guitar, incisive bass and a sharp and complex drum pattern. The staccato bursts of vocal tell a sad tale; an inscrutable lyric of regret at the loss of a relationship and unacceptance of blame or responsibility.

There are some poignant images featured in the words such as ‘….a feeling so big until your ego deceased…..you’ll grieve till your eyes will bleed no more….’.

Along with the emotional punch of the vocal each short sentence is underpinned by the big, big guitar lines curving into the stratosphere. As the song ends with the repeated ‘….her eyes got me drowning….’, you can imagine how impressive this track would sound live on stage.

Don’t forget to check out the video featuring affectionate recreations of key moments in Tom Hanks films, including, of course, ‘Big’!

Mike Wright

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