Dead Naked Hippies – Eyes Wide

‘Eyes Wide’ is the sensational new single from Dead Naked Hippies. To summarise the words of singer Lucy, “Eyes Wide is for the outsiders, the pieces that don’t quite fit the puzzle… Eyes Wide is a total celebration of it.”

It is certainly an admirable intent and a mighty big tune full of positive energy. Recording since 2016, the Leeds trio have very much been a force of attrition on the senses, but not afraid to weave some strong melodies and subtle touches in amongst the relentless blast.

Their rock anthemia benefits from some thoughtful lyrics, delivered with conviction. On this new single, the three minutes is taken at a stately pace with a chiming, echoing guitar opening proceedings over a drum beat sounding like it was recorded in a giant cavern. When Lucy’s vocals take full flight in the chorus and start a war with the guitar it is a sublime combination that blasts the walls down.

With strong messages in the lyrics, like the middle eight of ‘…cut me down, you won’t shut me up…’, the noise level adds the decibels until the sudden excursion into a reflective ‘comb and paper’ sounding coda carrying the exhausted listener to the end of this widescreen epic…

Dead Naked Hippies headline The Flapper for Indie Midlands on October 23rd. Don’t miss them! Tickets here.

Mike Wright