Deafs Door – Wired Up

Close enough to indie-rock to filter its way into Birmingham’s most popular music scene and genre, Wired Up fits nicely into what 0121 does best. Yet despite the comfortable fit, Deafs Door aren’t too predictable in what they’re crafting; a nice heavier rock edge pleasing the metal suburbs of the city too.

There’s something quite refreshing about a weightier sound around here; with airy fairy beach-pop in over saturation and the indie threshold tightening its grip with every passing second, a challenge has never been required more so than now. A challenge in the form of band who look as angry as they sound, exclusively clad in stone-cold expressions and brute force truths on paper.

Fairly new to the circuit, Deafs Door are already creating something innovative for their hometown, even if it’s not so much the case elsewhere. This is, after all, your pretty typical modern rock. Their classic riffage works its charm with relative ease on a place that sees little of its kind, and with the rising popularity of abrasive force and the art of anger it’s no wonder they’ve been welcomed in with open arms. Politically-fuelled, rage-driven rampages are already loitering on the horizon- and luckily enough for them it’s in fashion.

Abi Whistance

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