Death Valley Girls – Dream Cleaver

Los Angeles based Death Valley Girls are sharing a new stand alone single, ‘Dream Cleaver’, via Suicide Squeeze Records.

Spiky garage rock with enough energy edge and attitude to lift all but the most jaded music-lover from their torpor. The driving guitar, bass and drums are propelled by sheer force of will through the entire song like an unstoppable march. You won’t be cheering from the sidelines, you’ll be picking up your cudgel and joining Death Valley Girls on a conquering mission to bring this new brand of punk occultism.

Doused in layers of doom-rock guitars ‘Dream Clever’ wants to take you on a journey to the underworld via a portal through space and time itself. Mashing up a sound that takes elements of 60’s avant garde garde, 70’s rage against authority and 80’s dream-state experimentalism. It’s an era defying and genre defying sound to lose yourself in.

Terri Lee