Desert Sharks – Sorceress

Brooklyn based quartet Desert Sharks have released new single ‘Sorceress’, taken from their debut album ‘Baby’s Gold Death Stadium’ which is out on September 27th.

‘Sorceress’ is a feminist anthem about personal power and not dismissing aging women. Musically it’s punky garage rock in the vein of bands like The Coathangers and Death Valley Girls. Fuzzy guitars, a thumping bassline, power drums and a vocal with attitude. “I am the sorceress” sings vocalist and bassist Stephanie Gunther. These ladies are not to be fucked with.

‘Sorceress’ is catchy. The last couple of minutes of the song vocaly only include that same repeated lyric of “I am the sorceress” but the guitars really start to drive the song home allowing the lyric to never feel overly repetetive as you’ll be enjoying the jam so much you won’t want it to end.

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