Drab Majesty – Ellipsis

Growing up and discovering music as a young teenager, like kids up and down the land I rallied against whatever my parents tastes were.

I was a self styled punk purist and if it wasn’t loud guitars and crashing drums then it wasn’t worth my time. Synth pop was a dirty phrase, how could anything created with electronics be like, real man?

Of course this luddite view completely changed as I grew up and realised that actually, you could create beautiful things with synths and drum machines et al. You could create things that were melodic and other worldly, and you could make people dance to it.

Drab Majesty’s new single “Ellipsis” channels those late 70’s early 80s influences with aplomb and there’s a wonderful homage of a video to go with it.

There’s a huge dose of post Fast Product era Human League in the pop sensibility and dead pan vocals; strong, but oddly feminine, slightly resigned.

The synths are cold, but not sterile, there’s a crackling energy and propulsion to the track. It’s unashamedly, unabashedly poppy, and so it should be. Angular guitars and drum machines intertwine underneath, allowing the hooks to breathe, whilst adding a musical depth.

Aha, Duran Duran, and even The Cure wrote unabashed pop singles, and Drab Majesty share that DNA, throw in a hint of mid era New Order and we’re on to a winner here.

Owen Huws

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