Drab Majesty – Long Division

Drab Majesty’s dream pop doomsday love song which is perfect for dancing on the ashes on those summer nights.

Synthwave, post punk duo Drab Majesty bring us their latest release ‘Long Division’ from upcoming LP ‘Modern Mirror’. The track being a love child of 80’s synth-pop/new romance alongside 90’s reverb drenched dream pop, similar to that of Slowdive’s ‘Soulaki Space Station’.

The song tells a story about the elusive struggles of relationships. With moody and somber tones in the verses the song explodes into a chorus that leaves you with a velvety wall of sound, giving off a nostalgic 90’s feeling of shoegaze and dream pop. This, laced with melancholic lyrics, gives a great formulae for any pop song.

‘Long Division’ and previous release ‘Ellipsis’ hark back to the era’s of music that having become so prominently popular again across the UK, with the ever growing rise of post-punk and synthwave. The two strong releases show that ‘Modern Mirror’ will be an album that Drab Majesty’s devoted worldwide fanbase will love.

This release is for anyone looking for a new dream pop band or missing a new wave hole in their life. 

Drab Majesty’s new album ‘Modern Mirror’ will be out on July 12th.

Scott Warrilow