Dude York – Box

Seattle trio Dude York‘s new single ‘Box’ is a preview of full-length collection ‘Falling’, due on July 26th. The short intro has a swirling synth sound and a bass melody given backbone by an infectious drum pattern, then the song changes musical direction and the words open with  ‘….it started with a kiss…who would have thought it would end like this….in a total eclipse’.

In an unconscious lyrical reference to the 1982 UK chart-dominating Hot Chocolate song that evocative image immediately summarises the implied oblivion of the relationship held in that opening phrase. Vocalist Peter Richards charts the downfall and regrets ‘…so youre alone…and it hurts like a broken bone…’ over a regular chord progression, its relentlessness tempered by subtly changing instrumental interventions and some tasty harmonies from bassist Claire England. I like the staccato drumming bursts, held back with restraint in the mix, as is a short guitar solo and there is even some electronic percussion noises in there too.

The song is all about the lyrical build up to the inevitable pay-off line ‘…I’ll never love again…’ that features throughout, wistfully cutting to the emotional core of memories for many listeners.

‘Box’ is unashamedly nostalgic and radio-friendly like some of the classics of yesteryear; Claire sums this up when describing the new album with “I grew up listening to all this pop-punk and alt-rock….. I’m trying to capture the feeling of the music I listened to when I fell in love with music.”

Mike Wright

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