Echo Beach! – Hopeless

Echo Beach! are a four piece band from Shrewsbury who are releasing their latest single ‘Hopeless’ on February 1st*.
This is their sophomore release after their infinitely catchy sickly sweet debut single ‘She’ was released back in 2018.

The song starts with the promise of a base heavy track but quickly changes direction as the guitar comes a galloping from the distance straight into the bands particular cheerfully downbeat brand of jaunty, jangly, indie pleasantness. And yes, though the song is called ‘Hopeless’ there is so much joy wrapped in the song so be warned, you could find it exceptionally difficult to keep a ‘refined and graceful persona’ as you will probably find yourself, unwittingly being propelled out of your chair by the infectious beats until you’re swishing your head from side to side with wanton abandon like you’re being preyed upon by some crazed indie poltergeist.

There is certainly an essence of early Chrissy Hyde in Paige Janey’s voice and she hints throughout the track of both the beauty and the potential power she possesses which she could call upon if the situation requires. The band state one of their influences as Black Honey but to me, there feels like there are a little smoother possibly even warmer elements to the bands musical direction, which has more in common with Honeyblood musically, if not vocally.  

Play it When?

When you need a track to jolt you out of that winter gloom and spark you into action whilst still managing to feed that insular, reflective part of your psyche. Just be careful if listening on public transport as you may spontaneously break out into dance, which on a Friday is quirky and fun, but on a Tuesday in February, may be frowned upon by unsympathetic dreary commuters who are not fit to lace your Doc Martins.

* – The Release date has been put back from Feb 1st and is unknown at the time this post.

John Frazer

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