Exhailers – Flesh Soup

If you’ve had the pleasure of regularly seeing Exhailers play live over the last few years then you’d probably agree that new single ‘Flesh Soup’ is a pretty good representation of what the band is about. You have Liv Barlow’s pretty vocals and consistent bass playing. You have Brandon Robinsons’s screamy/shouty vocals and wild, thrashy, yet brilliant guitar playing and you have Fred Ensor on drums smashing the fuck out of everything like a manic game of whack-a-mole whilst still managing to keep the beat tight. And that is what makes Exhailers great.

Some parts of ‘Flesh Soup’ remind me of The Sugarcubes from their 1988 debut album ‘Life’s Too Good’. The melody and in particular Brandon’s spoken lyrics have a very Einar Orn feel to them. As punk as they were for the time though The Sugarcubes never had the thrashy grungy sound that Exhailers do when they rock out, so that’s where that comparison ends and the music begins instead to resemble the great Dinosaur Jr.

Despite those comparisons though ‘Flesh Soup’ is most definitely Exhailers and it’s good to see they are starting to reach the potential they always flashed. Hopefully forthcoming EP ‘Abyssal Orbit’ is going to take the trio to a whole new audience.

Exhailers have their EP release at The Flapper on July 13th. You can purchase tickets here.

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