Exhailers – Planetary Spin To The Stomach


Exhailers have just released new single ‘Planetary Spin To The Stomach’. The song is taken from their forthcoming ‘Abyssal Orbit’ EP which is out on July 13th.

One thing you can say about Exhailers is that their music is anything but formulaic. You never quite know where their songs are going to go and that is one of the things that makes this trio of best friends stand out amongst their contemporaries.

‘Planetary Spin To The Stomach’ is a good example of the above. There is no routine verse chorus, verse chours, bridge, verse chorus etc. Just when you think you’ve got the song pegged the band will forego vocals and just let the music speak for itself as 90 seconds of grungy guitars and heavy drums kick in to end the song. Amazing.

Exhailers have their EP launch at The Flapper on July 13th with support from Mutes + PJJ. I strongly suggest you get yourself along to see the band live.