Eyemer – On My Own

Eyemèr is the name taken by Sarah Devreese for their musical projects. Written, in part, in the aftermath of a terrorist attack and affects in the days and weeks that followed. Many of the city’s populace were afraid to go outside and became victims of a self imposed isolation. This resonated with their own underlying mental health issues. ‘On My Own’ is about learning to cope with social anxiety and also to send a message to all those who feel the same.

“The best days are spent on my own” they sing in a plaintive and uniquely touching manner. Their voice is set against a back drop of sympathetic backing vocals, softly strummed guitars and the gentle tones of a flute. ‘On My Own’ is not downcast however, and there is the tender spirit of hope as if they are enjoying the first rays of dawn – the stillness and quiet bringing its own sense of peace to a somewhat comforting solitude.

Terri Lee