FARIDA – Last Waltz

‘Last Waltz’ is Jenny ‘FARIDA’ Thaström’s latest single to follow up last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Shoot’, both of which will be available on 12” Vinyl due for a release on the 24th of May.

FARIDA is an artist that really exemplifies the idea of experiencing music rather than just listening; her music itself has a hard-hitting feeling to it with a love of loud monotonous drums contrasted by subtle dark basslines that all get wrapped up around a juicy centre of psychedelic synths and impactful vocals that all coalesce to form a fantastic listening experience. When accompanied by FARIDA’s photography (Which can be found on her Instagram), a new dimension is added to the experience overall providing a brash, dark aesthetic that helps to cement the impact of every note that can be heard.

‘Last Waltz’ is a long, but never dull, 6 minute journey detailing a vindictive FARIDA as she comments on a violent break-up, starting as a gentle, slow simmer into a violent roaring flame. The vocals here work tremendously alongside the synth providing a catalyst for one another that help evoke a tremendous build up of anger mixed with despair, that lends itself to burying deep within your ears as well as your soul. This is contrasted by the subtle use of guitars and a droning bassline that serve as a constant ticking for the bomb that FARIDA has in store, leading to an intense crescendo by the end with light snares turning into loud crashing cymbals. All these parts work together amazingly, and lend Last Waltz to being what felt like a cinematic experience. This is begging for a music video and I have no doubt that she knows it too, but for now I would suggest either listening to this on your own when you’re alone or flicking through the latest Grimoire archives for a truly immersive musical experience.

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Heyder Ali

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