Fern Murphy – Flowerbeds

Indianapolis dream pop and shoegaze trio Fern Murphy have dusted off their parents record collection and immersed themselves in an education of the musical kind.

The guitar melody echoing around the song is pure 90’s Cocteau Twins. No bad thing – start with your best foot forward as they say. The vocals are from the gentle side of 90’s UK indie too: layered, harmonised, breathy and coolly restrained. It all seems to hark back to that era of crafted songs that had bags of attitude but would, however, rather charm it’s way into your life than impress with flashiness.

Long before we had the brash bad-boy Oasis takeover we had indie bands like this. Good to see it’s return. Fern Murphy could just be the artist to herald the return of a much missed indie genre and bring an age of song and production craft back to music.

Terri Lee