Fever Joy – Done Dreaming

L.A. based duo Fever Joy release ‘Done Dreaming’ ahead of the E.P. ‘Reflections’. All five songs are reflections of personal experiences and events. Fever Joy want to relate in an honest and unfiltered manner.

This lively tune bounds along with buoyant thumping drums offset by a jaunty whistle. A baritone guitar adds a sauntering mood and melody that would not be out of place in a 50’s rockabilly movie. And if that gets you to thinking this might be the oddest single of the week, you’d be right. But who doesn’t like something a little bit on the fringes every now and again? Lead singer Avery Robitaille adds a delicate and characterful vocal with spiked edginess and veiled fury. It all combines into a catchy little number that just kinda gets into your bones.

Terri Lee