Future Fires – Running

Future Fires

‘Running’ is the new single from Birmingham four-piece Future Fires, continuing a sequence of excellent releases.

Beginning with ‘Far’ the band set their agenda for energetic, uptempo rock laced with instrumental dynamics changes and passionate vocals. ‘Midnight Sky’ had a heavier presence with a rock-solid riff driving the song then ‘Keep A Secret’ went a bit psychedelic with echoing guitar lines and enigmatic lyrics ‘….as she leads me through the cellar door the concrete starts to crack…you know you can’t go back…’.

All good so far, now we have the cinematic soundscape of ‘Running’, a tale of star-crossed lovers set to an intricate musical backing; the two guitars, bass and drums creating a multi-layered construction with all the pace of a road movie escape. It is an epic track; summery but dark, optimistic but resigned. ‘….what are we running from , what are we running to, I don’t really care as long as I’m with you….waking up in stolen cars…’ .

It is probably not going to end well for the characters in the lyrics but on the way we get nearly four minutes of pulsing pop-rock, plenty of emotional investment in the story and an enormous, soaring guitar solo reminiscent of Big Country in their 80s pomp. Already a formidable live attraction I look forward to hearing their forthcoming album…

Mike Wright

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