GHUM – Get Up

Based within the crowded capital city, the four-piece post-punk grunge band, GHUM have followed up their double A-side ‘I’m The Storm/Undone’ with a brand-new single from their upcoming EP ‘The Coldest Fire’ which is set to be released 28 June 2019.

The track introduces itself with a profound bassline that carries in a harsh resounded guitar riff, following the nature of the genre. Brutally honest lyrics sung by the hard-hitting and ardent voice of Laura Guerrero Lora add to the dark ambience of the track, whilst also enhancing the band’s grunge status with her fierce vocals. Echoing the track’s title, the singer guides us through to the compelling chorus fortified with fury and emotion. The delicate use of Spanish in the verse and bridge plays into the international upbringing of the band, whilst contributing to the sense of indignation experienced by the lyricist. ‘Tu me lo hiciste una vez [You did it to me once]. Dios te salve [God save you].’

The vigorous and rumbling resonance of the drumming, when merged with the relentless guitar in the breakdown towards the end of the release, creates a sense of liberation, which dramatically contrasts to the gradual and composed finale that leaves us reflecting upon the whole experience of the song.

Overall, GHUM provides us with a hostile grunge track that is crammed with raw emotion that solidifies their post-punk identity.

GHUM have their EP launch party on Saturday 13th July at The Shacklewell Arms, London and then the following day play at The Sunflower Lounge for Indie Midlands, you can get tickets for Birmingham here.

Lucy Tibbs

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