Giant And The Georges – Blind Love

Alt-rock band Giant and the Georges are set to release their latest single Blind Love on June 28th. Known for their distinctive peculiar sound, paired with a heavy rock influence, the song is full of catchy, zingy sounding hook lines and effortless harmonies, Blind Love is very in keeping with previous releases by the quartet.

The opening lyrics “they say love is blind” really encapsulates what this song is all about. The narrative coupled with a strong sounding bass line makes this record very atmospheric. The sweet, smooth sounding vocals of the lead singer are very distinctive to any Giant and the Georges fan – uncomplicated harmonies and a raspy whole voice. This plus the electric sounds are hugely complimenting to the track, giving it a catchy, almost eerie feel.

Giant and the Georges are predominantly of the rock genre; however, they take influence from a wide variety of sounds that helps to make their music eclectic. Something you can definitely say about this latest single. And that approach to song writing has helped make this track one of my personal favourites from the guys, as it encapsulates everything these four musicians are about. The lively hooks, electronic influence and an annoyingly catchy chorus… it all works so seamlessly. Can not wait for this single to be released.

Blind Love will be available on all platforms from June 28th.

Ellie-Mae Fenn