Girl Ray – Show Me More

Girl Ray won many friends with their debut album ‘Earl Ray’. It was an album jam-packed with a varied selection of tunes that beguiled with a very English idiosyncrasy. Seemingly simple tunes were littered with quirky yet astute lyrical observations and equally – and delightfully – quirky melodies and musicality. The accompanying videos ranged from mini-melodramas worthy of Merchant-Ivory productions to sharply funny self-deprecating dance pieces.

It is with much anticipation that Girl Ray are back; and ahead of their upcoming album – the simply titled – ‘Girl’, have released the first single, ‘Show Me More’. Poppy’s light breathy vocals are as captivating as ever, imbuing an extra sense of longing and tenderness. Infectious 70’s disco grooves of delicate and intricate percussion combine with effortless funk bass and translucent synths.

The characteristic quirky edge is still evident, along with the first-rate musicianship, only now it has more depth and a greater sense of musical sophistication. Even the unresolved finish to the tune just burbles with angst and wistfulness in a way that shouldn’t work, but it does – it’s a clever trick that draws in you and makes you want to listen again.

There is a fitting video too – understated and simple it seemingly, without much effort, manages to say so much without them doing much at all. Girl Ray could well be the new masters of intrigue. Simply brilliant.