Glycerin – Nothing Lasts

‘Nothing Lasts’ is the second single from Glycerin’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Wish I Was You’.

Nothing lasts forever – we say it glibly, and sometimes even feel it in our darkest moments – but it is (gulp!) a reality. Glycerin are giving a voice to this concern in a poignant and, for guitarist and producer Casper Slate’, very personal song. “It’s bittersweet/To say goodbye/Hold me in your arms/One last time” sings Slate with winsome longing in her voice.

The heavy guitar post punk chorus meets modern electronica during the verse that shimmers with synths and electro-beats. Imagine if the Pet Shop Boy’s had duetted with Nirvana and the resulting output had been produced by the Pixies and Ariana Grande. It’s deep and dark but also blissful and elevating all captured in a beguiling mix of retro and new, hope and despair.

Terri Lee