Gold Spectacles – Stranger Than You

‘Stranger Than You’ is the latest release from British duo Gold Spectacles. Apparently it’s the eleventh song in their full moon series and the penultimate track from their self titled debut album that is out on November 15th.

The song itself is a catchy synth-pop tune with a funky bassline and even some sweet flute playing. The female vocal, who’s name I sadly don’t know, delicately dances over the top of the music, “Maybe I’m a little bit stranger than you darling” she proudly sings.

Of the song Gold Spectacles had the following to say: “This track wrote itself really. The bassline came first and the rest just flowed. It’s a short but important song for our album. ‘Stranger Than You’ is about going against the grain in a world full of normal. As we grow up, we are pressured to by society hide our quirks and our individualities. We are encouraged to follow a set path (go to university, get a normal job, buy a house etc). We wrote this song for the alternative route. It’s ok to not be normal. We made artwork to represent keeping your childhood ambitions in sight.”

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