GOLDEN – Unaccountable

‘Unacountable’ is a single from Brooklyn’s GOLDEN that is taken from her debut 7-track mixtape called ‘Lazarus’. GOLDEN is releasing a track a month with the full mixtape being available in June 2020.

‘Unacountable’ is a dreamy bedroom pop song. Based around a looped French horn sample, the keys and beats help to flesh out the track and are topped off with GOLDEN’s charming vocal. The song grows as it goes along and at just under six minutes in length there is plenty of it to enjoy.

Talking about the track GOLDEN had the following to say:

“Maybe it was growing up in LA or maybe it’s being a girl, but in many ways I’ve felt conditioned to “be nice” or “play nice” all the time. And I’m honestly just bored by that. Life is more interesting when u tell the truth, cuz then u got nothing to hide. And i guess this song was a tiny little tirade about that.”

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