Guyana – Run

Guyana are a Birmingham based band who are very much on the up having just released their debut single ‘Run’ on February 1st and also having played their first headline show at The Sunflower Lounge on the 9th of Feb.

‘Run’ is a great piece of upbeat indie rock that really reminded me of The Courteeners in both how they perceive the world through their lyrics and also very much musically too. The song is a beautifully crafted single which you could easily imagine sitting proudly on the soundtrack of a cool coming of age indie film soundtrack.

The song starts stripped back and builds gently, using the start to really set the scene through a top heavy lyrical beginning until the band kick in and really demonstrate what they can do when they so choose and I can imagine this being a firm favourite live. It’s a really fantastic track which is heart-warming, refreshing and has a strangely holistic buoyant feel to it. If you can stop yourself singing ‘Juliette don’t run’ after the first time you hear it then you must have a rock for heart and the empathy of domestic cat.

Play it When?

This song has all the hallmarks and feel of a Summer festival tune so play it when you’ve got the sun on your back and life ain’t about work, studies, bills, children, parents, Brexit or anything else other than draping your arms around the people your with, singing at the top of your voice whilst you’re in that dubious squashed straw hat you wear twice a year.

John Frazer